by Kraze Kingston

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AGER This is the type of music that should be filling up our social medias. Lyrics, depth & meaning. Favorite track: The World We Live In (Spoken Word).
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A collection of feelings and experiences from Kraze Kingston. This album features some spoken word as well as the usual. also as an added bonus track i have recorded a live version of the number 1 hit Sam's song.
This is a digital download, Compact discs are available on request. Thank You for all your support.


released January 8, 2014


Shout outs to Ager for helping me in the studio, dub-dynamic and Jaymie sawyer for the remix on Mum and to all you people who are supporting.
Also thank you to the people who inspire me to write my songs. I know times are hard for alot of you but things do get better!

Artwork & Design by Violently Sick Entertainment.

Written, Recorded & Mixed by Kraze Kingston. All © ℗ rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Kraze Kingston London, UK

A collection of songs from Hip Hop Artist & Poet Kraze Kingston

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Track Name: Are You Really Tho?
Talking like u bus shots Are U really doe,
Taking like u move o’s are you really doe
Talking like u fuck hoes are you really doe
Talking like u stack peas Nah bruv u really don’t,
Talking like u move weight are u really doe,
so your rel not Fake are you really doe
Talking like u rep behind prison Gates really bro?
Doin a stretch in pen Nah bruv u wudnt cope

Ive never been one for talking that shit,
Never do I Actin like a g bussin shots out wit my clique
And talk about beef and startin trouble like its fun getting nicked
Wen I hear these clowns talk man it makes me sick,
(sick) I lieraly vomit,
Talk about the ends like there actually from it
There from another world its like they crash landed here on a comet
“I am from da enz doe” come on mate stop it
If this sounds like you then you’re a fuckin eeeeeediot!,
Talk so much shit even you end up beliving it,
After I drop this ill see you the next day bumping your head
telling me ‘your new tune fam im feeling it’!
please don’t chat to me,
I was goin bout my businees somewhat happily
Till u stop me in the street to tell me ur stackin peas
My patience with you wasteman is decreasing oh so rapidly

seeing these clowns daily leaves a man screwing
talk about stuff they aint doin
talk about hustling like dey bin thru it
real man don’t talk they just do it
talking slang like to these man dem its fluent,
now these fake breddas man im slueing,
dey getting ruined, like dere chicks arse has got two in,
in the deep end men are threw in and told keep movin
now they take on lifes of others like its dere own dreams there pursuing?
These wasteman r lost
Fake man chat stuff real man do but don’t chat about
U think its showing off!?
You man have got suttin to learn,
Out tryin gain respect but jus no, respect aint taken its earnt
You man are pussys u shud be wearing skirts
If you pussys keep playin with fire expect to get burnt,
This aint a game you cud end up a lot worse off than hurt
I don’t blame you Blame you r dad for incorrect use of his sperm,

“ima bad man, I got released on bail”
Lucky cos ur the kinda bitch dat wud get raped in jail!,
Da kind of cunt dats always dropping da soap,
If you ever got real time in pen you wudnt cope,
faith in humanity im slowly losing hope,
you man claim your ballin wen ur realy broke,
you’re a fuckin joke
bunnin weed all the time you losing more of your mind everytime u take a toke,
your lost, here let me help you,
and listen carfully to all ima tell you,
now you’re a fucking knob,
if u wanna be a real man provide for yourself go out and get a job
real talk, you need to hold your own,
stop goin out on weekends lookin for chicks to bone,
and find a real gyal settle down build a home,
then calculate the value of what you really own
Track Name: Life Is What You Make It
coz life is wot I make it,
and sometimes its hard to c,
grasp that dream take it
keep goin till you make dat cream.
cos life is what u make it
and I know its hard to see
u must realise in life,
our success is conceived from a dream

Ive been on my own since da age of 15,
I chose to roll on my own instead of in da enz wiv sick teams,
I chose to chase my dreams
Make dem cum true by any means,
Wen I succeed u no ill have no1 to thank but me,
I spent da last 10 years of my life lean
Open ur eyes and see,
Life aint wot it seems to be yet we make it look as it seems ,
Anything u want it can be,
Expreesing these words hurt for To paint u the perfect picture
in my head first i recreate the scenes,
ive witnessed a lot of bad in my lifetime,
probably got alot more to c depending on da length of my life line,
wishing I cudnt see but my sights fine,
I cud show u a vision with the right ryme,
But wen I write I c ull be like me wen u cant sleep of A NIGHT TIME,
So I choose to write instead,
Diggin out thoughts of memories I thought I Put to bed
Deep Behind the lines of my minds last defence
I no I said id be fine with death
But today ive taken a fresh new breath
Give everything and nothing less
Wont stop at meetin im beatin da best,

The laws of attractions,
Don’t react to reactions that r caused by ur actions,
In two minds split like fraction,
Tryin to Get a grip but losing traction,
Its hard to keep ur feet on da floor
But still ILL make it frustrated im sure
seek the feeling ive bin searchin for
Never be afraid of takin a risk,
Mistakes r made been dere done dat shit
Serious burv ive got a t shirt,
Its hard an at time I think cud it ever be worse,
But seriously bro it could,
So I left that life behind of me and traded the scene
For 1 dats nice to see
The sight inspires no lie its a sign to me
It triggers off something inside of me,
my mind set free,
my Lifes anything i want it to be,
coz life is wot I make it,
and sometimes its hard to c,
grasp that chance take it
chill, relax, focus breath.
cos life is what u make it
and I know its hard to see
u must realise in life,
our success is conceived from a dream
Track Name: Broken Thoughts
I look to the stars in da sky
which calculates how we move in time,
its hard to find peace of mind,
& my brain will never stop askin y?,
dats a problem hard to resolve,
im going in circles like on da axis we revolve,
i guess life is a puzzle were not meant to solve.

Its cold in my heart,
but still its cold on dese streets,
so i runaway from everthing
from my thoughts to police,
yh my thoughts r a beast, i
smoke weed and my thoughts r decist,
but im left wiv 1 question in my head
like will i ever find peace
da way fings r im not sure
and i dnt wanna live my life
like my mum does poor
im move in da right direction tryin to open doors,
and im not here to be
cooking cleaning and sweeping floors,
im here here to be usin my head
and doing good like a charitble cause,
sometimes i wish i could rewind press pause den play,
cause i had a chance to choose wich way i went if just
i listend back in da day,
wen i school i woz a fool,
& for da rest of my life ill pay da price for tryin to act cool,
if at any time its now dat i fall

I write and try to let off sum of dis deep depression,
but its being forced on like an endorphine
from an anti depressiant,
so it dnt work
and sometimes it only makes me worse,
at times i feel my mum shud av abboted me
instead of giving me birth
coz its shite in dis life we live in
im only 21 u but u wudnt belive da shit ive bin in,
sometimes i feel i jus wanna give in,
but i cant coz deres sumfing holdin me back like a force with in
its hard but i fought i woz winning,
wish i cud go bak to the begining,
& start all over again,
but i cant coz on me i depend,
anyway dats not possible
unless my it life comes to an end,
and dats not gonna happen any time soon,
ambitions i aim high for da stars
and if i fail im still landing amongst da moon,
Track Name: Conspiracy Theory
coz da world dat we livin in is a joke,
ppl stuck on da dole tryin to save up to be broke,
so they resort to sellin weed and movin coke,
hirearchy is a pyramid and i see its a slipery slope,
u c were stuck at da bottom tryin to move up,
we would care if we could but we cant,
we aint got da time to give a fuck
its like da system is one big dick and,
weve been forced to our knees and r expected to suck,
no way not me man,
im tryin to elevate minds wiv da pen in my hand,
live life da best way i can,
da same fing John F Kennedy dun wiv his plan,
but i guess u get taken out wen u fully understand
dey say u can be anyfing that u wanna be
but dey wont let u be anyfink that u wanna be,
unless its a wanna be or sumfing dey want u to be,
follow me look around wot do u c
a law so many contradictions
life wiv so many restrictions,
to narrow the flow of our mind pills at birth were givin
dats a fact no fiction
dunno bout u fam but in my head i still feel da constriction,
make up your mind,
if you could den u would but u cant,
coz truth in da truth ur not meant to find ever find,
dey say dey wanna open your eyes
dey tryin to make you blind,
open ur eyes and ears and hear all the lies man,
Track Name: My Brothers Pain
i hope ur happy now, coz u fucked him up,
left hes heart in a mess an now his life is stuck,
dis is how he feels fanx to u,
so stop playin games an fink carefully before u do wot u do,
its not jus him ur messin wid coz deres a baby to,
u need to put her first even infront of u,
at da moment shes 2 young to understand or to have a clue
but she sees everthing and wot she sees is down to u,

so be a mother and do what it takes,
u cant put it on ur parents and go out wiv ur mates,
shes still a baby brought up in a broken home,
she will see the effects wen it breaks,
she wakes up in da middle of da nite cryin so hes cryin too,
whats funny is dere both cryin 4 da same fing,
shes cryin for her mum and my brothers cryin 4 u,
Im not doubtin he loved her.
but realise sumfin dat nuffin lasts foreva,
espcally 2 ppl bien 2gether,
woteva da weather but neva say neva ,
dnt b stupid try and b klever,
tryin to b tough but hes soft like da touch from a feather,
feelin like nuffin cud eva make dis pain better,
if he carrys on fucked up im tellin u now hes heart + soul hes will eventually sever

cupid fired a doggy arrow,
and now my brother is contimplatin suicide because of his sorrow,
another life at this time he wants to borrow,
everyday he wakes up still prayin for tomorrow,
coz times the only healer,
an in time we will get to c whos da realer
back den he woz nuffin but a dreamer
finkin of da first time dey met wishin hed neva seen her,
neva looked in her direction,
wish he wud av thought with hes head,
instead of thinkin wiv hes errection,
he must learn from this lesson ,
now my brothers got a rope round hes neck coz hes stressed an,
if i tell my mum shes gonna look pon da sky above
and say why does my son have to die becoz he fallen in love?

and i no dats cold,
suicidal thoughs in his head there bound to explode,
the weight on his shoulders im tryin to take off a load,
im here so u dnt have to walk alone on dis road
shes playin games wiv ur brain,
tryin to make a man go insaine,
even tho its hard u gotta try and maintain,
coz da cycle is a vicious circle and its gonna happen again and again,
so this tunes goin out to da mother
da 1 whos tryin to fuck with da head of my brother
stay out of his life coz u no u dnt help
u might as well as put da rope around his neck and tied it urself