from by Kraze Kingston FT. AGER, Butcha & Snow

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A non profit promotional remix of Rag'N'Bone Man's smash hit, Tell 'em Like it is! AGER recommends you click the link and purchase the original immediately! Full credit to Rag'N'Bone Man. Peace


When writing, I spite 'em/
Fuck 'em all, I don't like 'em/
These fake fucks, with their dumb looks/
Exactly how, a cunt looks/

Vagina style, talking pink shirts/
Chinos, with'a drinks purse/
Man bags, nahh, I'll stab/
A pussy up, trust I'll have/

A bitch, looking like she came on/
Metaphors, yeah, game on/
I sip bourbon, out a hip flasks/
Sniff coke, off a chicks arse/

Rock star, I'm blacked out/
So loud shirts, best back down/
Got fiends for friends, cracked out/
Monsters, you're a snack pal/

You're real, like your spray tan/
Sheep, following the same man/
In a snap back, to the slaughter/
Like AGER, with your daughter/

Dirty, like the Thames is/
Killer, nahh, but my friend is/
Flow sick, to get my dick kissed/
Trust bitch, I just tell like it is/

Go POP, nahh, no way/
I'm Hip Hop's, cocaine/
I'm shit hot, you just ain't/
Don't be pissed off, I'm just saying/

How fucking, real I am/-
How fucking, ill I am/-
I fucking feel like I am/
A monster, kill, 'cos I can/

I love dirty chicks, on ket/
In a K hole, beyond wrecked/
Fuck brunettes, blonde skets/
Mandy'ed up, and on sex/

Pissed up, popping bottles/
Fuck champagne, in our nostrils/
Got more drugs, than hospitals/
invincible, unstoppable/

come down, nahh we stay up/
Vampires, yeah we drain blood/
Don't sleep, we're dead beats/
We're dirt bags, with red sheets/

If she's on, put a towel down/
A ball gag, in her bad mouth/
Back doors, I smash the house down/
And fuck her arse, 'till she bowls out/

A Sick cunt, I don't play son/
I'ma prick drunk, i stay on/
That sick shit, I slay songs/
Hustle, where do'you get your flake from/

Friends, ain't got them left/
Fuck pussy's, Femfresh/
If I ain't number 1, top 10 best/
Like a brown hit, my pens death/

Fuck posh chicks, I don't rest/
Nigella, the original dope chef/
Big tits, I want milfs/
Wheelbarra, like she's on wheels/

Good girls, love bad boys/
On the streets, I make mad noise/
Fuck fame, I get sucked off/
Don't like it, fuck off/


from Studio Sessions, released January 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Kraze Kingston London, UK

A collection of songs from Hip Hop Artist & Poet Kraze Kingston

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